Transformation of the legal entity “Siberian glass company”, CJSC

Dear partners!

“Siberian glass company”, CJSC kindly informs you about changing of the corporate form.

As the result, the company will change the corporate form and have a new name.


After changing the corporate form our company will have a new name: “SibGlass” Limited Liability Company.

The main reason for changing a corporate form is state requirements for joint-stock companies according to the share register, in particular, the need to transfer the share register to the licensed registrar (Federal Law of 02 July 2013 № 142-FZ,  order of Russian Federal Service for the Financial Markets of 30 July 2013 № 13-65/pz-y).


The second reason for reorganization is rebranding of the company that started in January 2014.

From that period, a set of actions, including changing the brand (of the company and products), logo, slogan and layout, has been carried out. That is why rebranding logically ended up with different name of the company.

Please pay attention that after reorganization there will be different TIN and RRC of the company, but there is no need to renew contracts, because under item 5 of the article 58 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation

in case of the transformation of the legal entity of one type into a legal entity of a different type (the change of its legal-organizational form), the rights and duties of the reorganized legal entity shall pass to the newly emerged legal entity in conformity with the transfer deed.

It should be noted that bank details of the company will not change. “SibGlass” will become a full successor of  “Siberian glass company”, CJSC.

Transformation of the legal entity should be finished by July 2014.

We hope for your understanding and looking forward to further cooperation.