History of Sibglass

«Siberian Glass Company», CJSC was founded in 1997. The core business of the company was sales of Borsk Glass factory products according to the dealership contract in Krasnoyarsk and Khakassia.

1997-1998 The company purchased a production base (S=13000 m²), started offering glass processing service and formed an automobile service center.

Number of employees - 13 people, production investments - 76,4 thousand rubles.

1999 The company reconstructed a production department (S=288 m²), put into operation a vacuum line for architectural glass covering with decorative, thermal-control and solar-control coatings using magnetron sputtering technology.

Number of employees – 25 people, production investments – 885,8 thousand rubles.

2000 The company constructed and put into operation an office block (S=432 m²), a production area (S=730 m²) and a storage (S=864 m²); organized manufacturing of auto glass and laminated glass “triplex”.

Number of employees - 49 people, production investments – 3 491,3 thousand rubles.

2001 The company constructed and put into operation an insulating glass production department supplied with modern high-technology equipment, started batch production, purchased drilling and glass processing equipment.

Number of employees - 93 people, production investments – 5 561,6 thousand rubles.

  • High rates of the company economic growth were awarded by national award “Russian national Olympia”.
  • «Siberian Glass Company», CJSC became a prizewinner in nomination “The Leading Company of Small and Medium Industries”.

2002 The company constructed and put into operation a glass processing department (S=216 m²) and a cold store (S=744 m²), reconstructed the insulating glass production department (S=864 m²), purchased equipment for glass edging.

Number of employees – 115 people, production investments – 7 629,1 thousand rubles.

2003 The company purchased a manufacturing block (S=20350 m²) (a  former metal working factory), put into operation an automated line for flat and bend tempered glass production, purchased new equipment for insulating glass production and glass cutting departments. The company is actively working on development of regional markets.

Number of employees - 152 people, production investments – 17 956,6 thousand rubles.

  • The company took part in the “Sibstroyexpo - 2003” exhibition, Novosibirsk city.
  • «Siberian Glass Company», CJSC won the gold medal for “Progressive technologies in production of construction items and materials”.

2004 The company reconstructed the manufacturing unit, purchased equipment for insulating glass production, glass processing and cutting, put into operation a glass-sandblasting department. 

The company is taking part in different exhibition activities and its records are highly recognized at a regional level as well as among Russian glass industry professionals.

Number of employees - 205 people, production investments – 23 505,1 thousand rubles.

  • Diploma of Russian Union of Architects General committee for assimilation of modern technologies in modern architecture and glass production at the international exhibition “Mir stekla – 2004” (“Expocenter”, Moscow city). 
  • «Siberian Glass Company», CJSC became a winner of the contest “Entrepreneur of the year 2004”, Krasnoyarsk city. 
  • The company received a letter of gratitude from Krasnoyarsk region Deputy Governor Kuznetsov L. for active involvement in design and implementation of projects over creating business-enabling environment in Krasnoyarsk region and help in organizing of the third international forum “Business in Siberia – 2004”.
  • The company is awarded for assimilation of new technologies for production of flat tempered and bended glass of big and small sizes at the exhibition “Construction and Architecture. Woodworking 2004”.

2005 The company reconstructed and put into operation a part of the manufacturing unit (S=2700 m²), purchased high technology equipment for laminated glass production, tempering, cutting and drilling, put into operation a glass “fusing” department.

Number of employees – 235 people, production investments – 25 430,1 thousand rubles.

2006 The company purchased, installed and put into operation a line for insulating glass production based on innovative TPS technology. The line is the first one in Siberia, the third one in Russia and the forty eighth one in the world.

Setting up a new branch office in Abakan city.

Number of employees – 300 people, production investments – 48 752,5 thousand rubles.

  • The company is nominated for international award “Leader of economic development of Russia” and wins the nomination “Leader of economic growth”.

2007 The company reconstructed and put into operation a part of the manufacturing unit (S=8260 m²), purchased and installed new flat glass tempering equipment, an automatic seaming machine and an enameled glass production line; opened a branch office in Barnaul and Irkutsk cities.

Number of employees – 320 people, production investments – 145 112,4 thousand rubles.

2008 The company started producing new products: enameled glass SG Colour and fire resistant glass SG Fire, put into operation horizontal flat glass tempering furnace, purchased the GlassJet printer for digital glass printing.

Active exhibition activities. Presentation of the branch offices to the professional construction society of Siberia.

Number of employees – over 400 people, production investments 58 902,7 thousand rubles.

  • First place diploma in nomination “Construction and Finishing Materials” at the exhibition “Construction. Improvement. Interior.” (Barnaul city) for creating new type if IG units for architectural facades.
  • Gold medal for the best exhibit item – IG unit for construction at the exhibition “Stroykompleks” (Kemerovo city). Diploma for the best show-bench at the exhibition “Stroykompleks – 2008”.
  • Gold medal in nomination “Construction and Finishing Materials” at the exhibition “HakStroyEkspo” (Abakan city).

2009 The company started producing a unique product for Siberia – electrically heated glass SG Heat.

Setting up a new production branch in Novosibirsk city –«Siberian Glass Company - Ob», LLC and in Krasnoyarsk – “SSK-Design”, LLC which is focused on dealing with individuals and single part production.

Presentation of new products for customers in Siberia. Active exhibition activities.

Number of employees – 300 people, production investments 41 776 thousand rubles.

  • Diploma “For Innovative Technologies in Glass Decorating” at the exhibition “Construction and architecture – 2009”, Krasnoyarsk city.
  • Diploma “For Assimilation of digital printing technology for glass decorating” at the exhibition “StroySib-2009. 1st week”, Novosibirsk city.
  • The company is nominated for “Entrepreneur of the year in the sphere of industry and construction” and wins the nomination “Entrepreneur of the year”.

2010 The company purchased and assembled a new line for IG unit production.

  • Medal for “High quality work and development of advanced technologies in decoration of translucent elements of architectural constructions” at the exhibition “Construction and architecture – 2010”, Krasnoyarsk city.

2011 The company purchased and assembled an automotive line for silkscreen printing.

Taking part in exhibition “StroySib – 2011”, Novosibirsk city.

Setting up a new production branch in Novokuznetsk city.

Setting up a new subdivision of “Siberian glass company”, CJSC in Novosibirsk city.

  • Medal “Russian economy star” for the leading position in glass industry and significant contribution to development of Russian economy. The company was awarded for being one of one hundred most successful and effective companies of Russian glass industry in 2010.

2012 Production modernization:new tempering furnace North Glass, reorganization of IG unit department, new way of Jumbo (6000*3210) glass cutting, putting into operation of spacer bar bending machine

Taking part in exhibition “StroySib – 2012”. 1st week”, Novosibirsk city.

Setting up a new reginal representative branch “SSK-Trade” LLC, Krasnoyarsk city.

Number of employees – around 400 people (number of employees in the group of companies “SSK” – around 700 peple).

2013 Territorial extension:

  • New production branch in Kemerovo city.
  • Reorganization of individual entrepreneur V.I. Patrushin into “SSK-Trade” LLC
  • New subdivisions of “SSK-Trade” LLC in Abakan, Khabarovsk, Chita
  • Taking part in exhibition “StroySib – 2013”. 1st week”, Novosibirsk city
  • New production unit in Novosibirsk city (S=26307 m2).

2014 Rebranding and change of business legal structure.

“Siberian glass company” CJSC reorganized into “SibGlass” LLC

Business areas:

  • Sibglass Pro (industrial glass processing)
  • Sibglass Trade (supply of flat glass and completion materials)
  • Engineer Steklov (individual and single part production)

New subdivisions of “SSK-Trade” LLC in Barnaul city and Novokuznetsk city

Construction and reconstruction of a new production unit in Novosibirsk city

2015 Company reconstruction

Opening of the management company “Sibglass Group”

Rebranding of “SSK-Design” LLC into “Engineer Steklov” LLC

Territorial extension:

  • New subdivisions of “SSK-Trade” LLC in Blagoveshchensk city and Vladivostok city.
  • Putting into operation of the new production unit in Novosibirsk city

Setting up a charity fund “Otrazheniye”. Core activity – help for orphanages in the sphere of sport and entertainment.